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Is to promote a healthy personal body care experience through natural ingredients that assist the body in a natural way.


Meet Jasmine

Born in Chicago, Illinois Jasmine's family migrated to Minnesota while she was a young child. She is a proud north Minneapolis community member working and developing partnerships for Butters By Jay brand awareness. Early on in her adult life, she developed a strong passion for working with her hands and became a student in the craft of carpentry, and developed a career in the construction industry. After deciding to go natural, she struggled with finding natural hair products for her hair journey that were price-conscious. This hands-on approach was the catalyst for formulating natural and handmade personal body care products from her experience with what was available during her journey. She researched hair porosity, soap-making practices, beneficial oils, and ingredients for skin and hair. She then discovered that her blend of Whipped Shea butter worked on elevating the symptoms associated with eczema for her nephew as well.


She continued to create her products to maintain the health of her hair with price awareness in mind. Her research produced what is now the original Butters By Jay Whipped Shea Butter formula in 2011, doubling as a skin moisturizer that’s available for individuals since the inception. She founded Butters By Jay in 2015 as a personal body care line to address the need for healthy options in the personal care industry. All Butters By Jay product collections are formulated for multifunctional benefits that provide intense moisture, gentle cleansing, exfoliation, and medicinal properties throughout the product lines. Her passion lays within creating options in the body care industry for individuals searching for a healthier balance of value to price ratio.

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