Local entrepreneur creates business from self-care journey

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Butters By Jay “started right here in North Minneapolis, and I started it because there was a need for it in the marketplace,” said owner Jasmine McConnell. After she looked for natural hair products at major retailers and noticed the lack of natural products, McConnell invented her own.

As a result, the stellar beauty brand was launched. “I started Butters By Jay five years ago. The formulas for a lot of the products have been around for 10 years. I’ve been using the products for 10 years—I started when my hair journey began and it started blossoming from there,” McConnell recalled.

There’s a special meaning behind the name Butters By Jay (BBJ): “It’s a play on words. So, butters—I have butters and shea butter. And then there’s the butterfly as the B,” said McConnell. The butterfly exemplifies growth and change.

McConnell emphasized that the transformation of a butterfly represents her natural hair journey. “The butterfly really is about evolution of the company and butters in the Black culture is a way to describe our hair is poppin’,” McConnell explained.

Most recently, BBJ was selected as one out of 17 local businesses featured at the Mall of America’s (MOA) Community Commons. All tenants that occupy the space will receive six months of free rent du